To add value and improve quality of life in Africa by providing viable, affordable and sustainable energy solutions.


To be a leading energy solutions provider in Africa by 2030.


To enter into partnerships with regional and international players in energy and achieve synergies that advance the African developmental agenda.
Sangoz Energy Group (Pty) Ltd has an unwavering commitment to the ideals of sustainable energy development and exploitation with minimal impacts on the environment - we actively promote renewable energy solutions.

The energy sector is dynamic and characterised by evolving technologies, dwindling natural resources, climate change, erratic weather patterns, increasing environmental concerns and regulation, tighter access to capital and shifting attitudes and perceptions amid growing demands. Solutions implemented are compromises between competing and often conflicting priorities.

Sangoz Energy Group positions itself to effectively respond to energy and its attendant economic challenges in Africa through the co-ordinated harnessing of the abundant resources available. We continually review our operations to improve safety, keep abreast of technological innovations around the globe, increase competitiveness and grow shareholder value.

Sangoz Energy Group recognises the fundamental role of energy as an enabler in any society and is proud to contribute in socio-economic developmental programmes transforming the African landscape. We promote and participate in a range of social investment projects in keeping with our values as a responsible corporate citizen.
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